Remember When Life Was More Than Just This?

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Remember when we used to skip instead of walk?  Our feet freeing us from the mundane moments of our day, lifting us closer to the swirl of clouds above whose shape more often resembled a dragon than a mouse.  Remember when we would slip our hand into our parent’s warm, reassuring grip, and hold on tightly while our worries would quietly let go?  Remember at night when our head would come to rest softly on our pillow, and our body would only start to unwind once our blankets were carefully tucked in around us?  Remember how candy used to taste magical, and ice cream could make or break the day?  Remember the sharp sting of water against our legs when the sprinklers were suddenly turned on, and the laughter and shrieks that would burst forth with the kind of exhilaration that we haven’t seen since the days our knees were scuffed and our hair held the promise of the outdoors?  Remember the joy, the ease and the freedom to be in the moment, to feel the excitement of the wind, and the discovery of our imagination in the sand?  Remember the beauty of our innocence, and the memories of our childhood?  Remember when life was more than just this?

20 thoughts on “Remember When Life Was More Than Just This?

  1. Oh I remember 🙂 I remember when a school day trip to the beach was the most exciting prospect ever and I could not sleep the night before. It’s difficult to get that feeling even for a long haul adventure these days!


    1. The little things were always so exhilarating. I can remember when I would visit my grandmother, and she would always have my favourite ice cream waiting. It was so thoughtful and special. And I remember finding a bouncy ball at the park one time, and it was like striking gold!

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  2. I do! I remember the burn of the asphalt on my bare feet as I walked home from the neighborhood park, sneaking through the occasional neighbor’s yard as way of shortcut. I’m trying to allow my kids a fraction of that freedom but it gets harder every day.

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    1. I remember those things too!
      I have a hard time too when it comes to giving my kids the same sort of freedom that I had. I worry too much, because I am aware of too many dangers (a drawback I guess of all the stories shared on social media!!)

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