I Struggle More Than I Thought I Would


I struggle to write.  I approach it the same way I do life; with caution, hesitation, and a handful of second guesses.  Rarely do I just let the words flow; agile fingers flying deftly across the keyboard, effortlessly writing sentence after sentence.  It is more of a slow and tentative approach.  Thoughts rush forth, ideas swirl, dip and twirl, then pull up short, stuck in a thick, muddy puddle of doubt.  I type, erase, rewrite, erase, repeat.

My words are my deepest thoughts presented to the world as a gift, and I want them to be perfect.  I want to wrap each blog post in the most delicately beautiful, stylish paper I can find so that my readers will take pleasure in slowly unraveling each piece before finally savoring the richly crafted work within.  My hope is that each person will do more than just skim over my words before moving on to the next post, because they are not just words.  They are a small pieces of me; whispers of my soul that long to reach out and connect with the world, to travel and wander with each reader that passes by.

So, if there are times when my blog posts seem few and far between, please know that I have not given up on writing.  It is more likely that I am wondering how to present the next piece of me in a way that will be most meaningful to you.  So thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for being a part of something that is bigger than just words alone.


33 thoughts on “I Struggle More Than I Thought I Would

  1. I screen stare a lot – and sometimes I do not even get that far being it is summer and kids are everywhere. And I like my words to be meaningful as well – I get you! But I love your posts – your humor and your heart. Worth the wait!

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  2. I love the sincerity in this and I can fully appreciate what you’re saying. Every time I happen upon a story of yours, I am temporarily transported into your world. And to see even the tinniest sliver or glimpse of your heart is truly a gift to behold. You’re an amazing writer, a wonderful mother, and I’m so glad you’re here and you’re you. ❤️

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  3. Thank-you for this. As a new mom, a new blogger and an individual with depression it is honest posts like this that make me believe in myself too. Keep blogging when you can and I’ll keep reading 🙂

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  4. Its a pleasure to read your work and without you spelling out, it is obvious that every piece of it is not just scribbled in a jiffy or something that has magically found it’s way into your space. Love the wisdom and because I can connect with your thoughts, you will find me back here, reading every piece I have missed. Keep it coming, She-Ra, we love what you express and that too so beautifully.

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