My Advice To Parents Of Young School Aged Children

Everything I have learned since becoming a Mom, I learned the hard way, and I like to think that I am a better parent for it. Although I believe that we all need to stumble  on our own from time to time, I would still like to offer up one piece of advice in order to save you from making this one simple mistake that all parents inevitably end up making:

Don’t ever, EVER smell your child’s mittens, especially not during that awful snow/slush/mud period at the beginning of spring.  You might think that your precious snuggle bug would never be so bold as to stick their entire mitten-clad hand into a mud puddle, but trust me, they will.  Is it brown?  Is it wet?  Is it disgusting?  Your child will touch it.  Hell, they will probably roll around in it.  Then they will bring their frighteningly rotten mittens home and dump them into a corner to dry out (or not, because do mittens ever really dry?).


Your child will wear these mittens day after day until one day you will peer at them suspiciously and wonder if it might be time to give them a quick wash.  You might even be tempted to give them a sniff, just to be sure, but for the love of God, do NOT put your nose anywhere near them!  Instead, imagine that something feral and foul has crawled up inside your child’s mittens, drowned itself in a puddle of sour tuna juice, then died a slow and horrible death.  Listen, just grab your hazmat suit and hustle those suckers straight to the washing machine.  Wash them.  Burn them.  Do whatever you feel is best, but just DON’T SMELL THEM!!

26 thoughts on “My Advice To Parents Of Young School Aged Children

  1. I bet loads of mum gave a sniff of their children’s mittens now, even I’m tempted and I’ve no mittens to sniff lol. On another note I don’t know if you know but your text is tiny on your posts it’s actually the smallest text I’ve seen on the site 🤓

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  2. apparently the same sentiment goes for tennis shoes. My 7yo decided to run through mud puddles and lets just say I’m going to toss those suckers and get her some new ones!

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  3. I love your advice! I will take mental note and never ever EVER put my nose near them – and think of this post every time I ponder the gross brown mitten in my hand 🙂

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    1. I have to say, it really was quite a shock when I did it for the first time. Last year I never bothered to smell them, I just tossed them in the wash. This year, I don’t know what I was thinking!!!

      Unrelated, your family came up in conversation tonight when I was talking with my boys. They started asking questions about autism, and I was able to share a lot of what I learned from your blog. They were really interested to learn and understand as much as they could. So thank you! You inspired a lot of conversation tonight. 🙂

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  4. It does seem to be a natural inclination to smell something if we are unsure of it’s cleanliness. You are so right – don’t do it (unless f course you love yucky smells that will scar your nostrils for life).

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