This Is What We Do For Fun Around Here


Last year our dishwasher died.  It was a very long, drawn out and dramatic death, likely brought on by lack of love and attention (we failed to notice that it was leaking, and in dishwasher-land, apparently that’s a bad thing).  When my husband and I finally realized what was happening, we had no choice but to drop everything and spend the day frantically shopping for a new one (if you have kids, shopping for a dishwasher counts as “date night”, so we made sure to wear our fancy clothes).

We took our time, strolling hand in hand through one store after another (most of which, to be honest, didn’t even sell dishwashers).  We were starved for some proper adult time, and it would seem that this was quickly becoming our version of a night on the town.  Seven stores and several cups of coffee later, we finally found the dishwasher of our dreams.  I think I may have even whispered, “It’s just so dreamy!!!”  My husband and I haggled over the price, using our best haggling voices and wiggling eyebrows, but that got us absolutely nowhere, so we gave up and bought the dishwasher anyway.  Not one of our proudest moments, but remember, we were in our fancy clothes, so at least we looked fabulous while trying.

The new dishwasher was delivered a few days later.  The kids and I gathered excitedly in the kitchen, waiting for something magical to happen.  We giggled and fell over each other, clambering for the best spot.  It was around the time when the installation guy began to unhook all the wires under the old dishwasher that my oldest son turned to me and whispered, “I’d like to give that guy a quick hug….before disappears into the dishwasher forever.”  Startled, my thoughts scattered and tripped over one another, searching desperately for some sliver of parenting advice on how to proceed.  Was I supposed to address the super obvious “We Don’t Hug Strangers” aspect of the situation?  But what about the “That’s the Freakiest Fucking Thing my Kid has Ever Said to Me” side of things?  It was confusing, but I finally decided that, “Let’s settle for a high five, and wish him luck, okay?” was the appropriate compromise.

In the end, the installation guy survived, my son got his high five, and I got my dreamy new dishwasher.  Life has quieted down since then, but I find myself eyeing the oven every now and then.  It hasn’t been pulling its weight lately, and I could really use another excuse to put on my fancy clothes.


31 thoughts on “This Is What We Do For Fun Around Here

  1. Pre-kid me used to complain to my husband when we spent a Friday evening at Home Depot. Silly me. I had no idea what it was like to take kids on those kind of errands! When we do get a chance to go without kids, it is like the best thing ever!

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    1. Ah, evenings at Home Depot. Such a lovely, peaceful place to be without the kids. 🙂 Do you have Costco where you are? That’s another favourite of ours. (The bonus there is that they also sell ice cream, so it feels like a fancy date! 😉 ).


    1. Thanks! 🙂
      The last time my husband and I went on an actual date night (where we had planned on going to a restaurant), we ended up running errands and shopping for things we totally didn’t need. 😉

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  2. If my dishwasher died I’d HAVE to put on fancy clothes because it would mean Mr. C had passed away. And I’d not only hug someone who came to install a dishwasher here, I’d probably offer him…..cake.

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      1. True. I might to stage a major appliance break. My oldest is turning 12 next week which means free babysitting! So exciting! The hubs and I need to get out as much as we can before baby comes.

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  3. What more can you ask for – a date while appliance shopping and that too in fancy clothes, a brand new dishwasher and happy children! Since my children are tucked (strapped up) in bed, I managed to have a good laugh, thank you for that! Wondering what appliance I can break, an appliance shopping date is long since overdue 😉

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