Spring is Taking a Personal Day

Spring decided not to show up for work today. She threw her hands in the air and said, “Fuck it, I’m taking a personal day!”  Do you know who she called in to replace her while she’s out?  Winter!  And he has been causing all kinds of trouble.

We are in the middle of a pretty bad ass storm. Snow, rain, sleet, I don’t even know what’s happening out there anymore. No one seems to be able to drive in it though, because remember, it’s spring, and we are all delirious!

I have been late everywhere I’ve gone today, and this has been causing me all kinds of stress. Not only are my toes frozen and numb, but now I’m also dealing with sweaty armpits and a crazed look on my face that is acceptable to no one.

As I head out the door now, I don’t know if I need snowshoes, an umbrella, or a therapist!



34 thoughts on “Spring is Taking a Personal Day

      1. what? you usually have better weather than we do. it’ll pass soon. Spring is just “confused” right now. that happens here from time to time.


  1. I know that feeling. We had the sleet, ice and scary roads a few days ago here in Scotland. Today it was the first day this year that’s really felt like Spring. My son took his jacket off on the way home from school! It’ll probably be howling winds and rain tomorrow – who knows?

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  2. I have made a ceremony of putting all the winter gear and sleds away twice now. Only to have to bring them back out. This next time, I won’t announce it – I will just hide the stuff! Hope it clears up soon for you, and you find a nice hot bath to hide in 🙂

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    1. I am so looking forward to putting winter gear way for good! My husband nearly put away his winter boots yesterday, but I told him to hold off for just a little while longer….

      Hope you can get you winter stuff put away soon! The warm spring sun will do us all some good!

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    1. I find it’s so hard to handle the crazy weather changes. I feel very tired from the constant freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw!! I hope your weather starts to improve soon too. 🙂

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