Still Waiting For The Party



You know that special time of the day when young kids come home after school and they morph into hungry, snapping, snarling, fire breathing dragons? What is that? Is that some kind of hazing ritual inflicted on innocent, unsuspecting parents? Is that our initiation into a secret sorority for all the moms who survive? All I can say is that there had better be some kick ass parties once I’m accepted!

6 thoughts on “Still Waiting For The Party

  1. As a grandma who went through all this I can tell you two things. Let them gorge themselves THEN poke them with sticks. They won’t be able to move and it’s kind of fun. And…the party happens when the last one moves out. The door closes and suddenly you find yourself dancing a few inches above the floor. THEN you realize you can dance naked if you want and it gets even better!

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