When The Kids Fight



When the kids get into arguments with each other, we try and encourage them to work it out among themselves. To give you an idea of how that’s going, here’s a conversation that I overheard last night:

Isaac: EMMA! You can’t throw a CHAIR at me!

Emma: Yes I can.

Isaac: Gabriel and I were having fun, and then you threw a chair at me! You can’t do that! Weren’t we having fun?

Gabriel: Well, Isaac, you WERE sitting on my head, so that part wasn’t very fun for me…

Emma: SEE!!! I had to throw a chair at you Isaac, because I had to save Gabriel’s life! His LIFE!!

Gabriel: She’s right, you know. Thank you Emma.

Emma: You’re welcome.

Isaac: Is nobody listening to me?! She threw a chair! AT. MY. HEAD!!

I have no idea if Isaac got the resolution he was looking for, but it’s becoming clear that Emma is the kind of chick who you want to have your back in the event of a late night brawl in some sketchy dark alley.

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