Mom Skills

Mom Skill #97: The ability to know, even before being fully awake, that the child stumbling into your room in the middle of the night is about to vomit. Often seen with this skill are the ninja like reflexes needed to grab the nearest garbage can in order to catch the vomit before it splatters across the floor.


5 thoughts on “Mom Skills

  1. I found it wildly amusing the first time my oldest son had to deal with vomit! Ah, sweet revenge for the time the two boys (18 months apart) had stomach flu together!


    1. Oh, the poor dear! (*snickers quietly*)
      My two boys are 14 months apart, and I found it really, really hard in the beginning. I’m suddenly very grateful though that my kids have yet to go through the stomach flu at the same time. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Ah. So you’re secretly evil. I LOVE that in a person! Stomach flu for two is wonderful. Especially when they give it to you. Given the choice between a tropical island getaway and dealing with two toddlers with stomach I’ll take stomach flu every time. I should have just gotten goldfish instead of having kids.

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