That Time of Year

School is coming to an end, and many parents have been talking about end of year gifts for their children’s teachers.  My husband and I have always hesitated when it comes to giving gifts, because somehow it seems too impersonal and, well, expensive.  So this year, in addition to helping my boys come up with their own thoughtful thank-you cards, I wrote something for the teacher of my youngest son.  She’s one of those teachers that every parent dreams of, and I knew I needed to find a way to let her know just how valued and appreciated she was.  This is the letter:

A couple of weeks ago, Gabriel and I were out for a walk and we came across a fountain.  As we were walking past it, Gabriel stopped and asked me for a coin so he could make a wish.  As I was digging around in my purse for my wallet, I heard him quietly say, “And I’d like one more coin, please.”

I paused.  “Why do you need two coins?” I asked, curiously.

“Because my second wish is for my teacher.  I want to wish for love and happiness for her.”

I handed over the two coins and watched as Gabriel briefly closed his eyes and brought the coins up close to his heart.  Then, very carefully, he threw each coin into the fountain.  We stood quietly for a moment, watching the soft ripples on the water as the coins settled to the bottom.  Then Gabriel slipped his hand into mine and tilted his head to smile up at me, his wish complete. 

I smiled too, because at that moment I realized that a wish of my own had come true.  A wish for my son to have the opportunity to learn and grow with a teacher who was patient, warm and kind.  Someone who genuinely cared about each student, and who made a difference simply by being a wonderful person with a gentle, compassionate heart.

You are all of those things (and more!), and I am grateful that Gabriel was able to share his very first year of school with you.  Thank you for being who you are, and for all that you do!









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