Parenting Level: Expert

My daughter is nearly three years old.  This evening she came into my room to talk to me while I was changing into my pajamas.

“Mom!” she gasped, as she stared at the pile of clothes at my feet.  “Put your boobs back on!”

She leaned down and picked up my bra, shaking her head disapprovingly at me.

“That’s my bra, sweetheart.  My boobs are up here.” I explained.  “I don’t wear my bra when I’m sleeping.”

“Oh,” she said, mulling it over.  “Can I sleep with Bra?”


“But I really want to!” she pleaded, cuddling the bra.

“My bra, my rules,” I said, trying to pry the bra out of her hands.

Her lower lip started to tremble.  “But I want to!  I love Bra!”

“I’ll make you a deal,” I began.  “I’ll let you put my bra away in my dresser for me, and in about 8-10 years, I’ll buy you one of your own!”

“Okay!  Thanks!” she exclaimed.  She then proceeded to put my bra away AND put my clothes in the hamper.  Afterwards, she skipped happily back to her own room.  I guess at that moment I really loved Bra, too.



8 thoughts on “Parenting Level: Expert

  1. I love this!! My daughter loves my bras, too – and called them boob-bombs at first!! No idea why, but the phrase stuck with my husband (awesome!). Now my daughter, 3.5, points to her “fake boobs” … but no demands to wear a bra yet. Or a fake one.

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