Learning To Be In The Moment


Yesterday I took my two year old daughter swimming at the Wave Pool.  It was her first time being there when the waves came on (usually we go during the leisure swim time).  If you have ever been to a wave swim before, you know that they sound an alarm before the waves begin, so it can be quite startling if you aren’t expecting it.  When my daughter first heard it, her eyes grew wide, and she inched closer to me.  I explained what was about to happen, but she looked somewhat skeptical about the whole process.

Then the water began to move.  We watched as it slowly began to swell and roll toward us.  My daughter grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward the shallow end.  I thought she wanted to leave, but instead, she stopped to watch as the waves crashed onto the steps; an explosion of water dancing before our eyes.  She looked up at me, her eyes in full-on sparkle mode, and said, “This is SO COOL!!”  Then she turned around and pulled me back into the pool.  When she was about thigh deep in the water, she raised her fist in the air and shouted, “YEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” (which I suppose is the traditional battle cry of her people), and began trying to jump over and into the waves.

She was so completely lost in the moment, so thoroughly consumed with the raw joy of the experience, that it made me realize how far removed I had become from my own joyful moments in life.  These days, life has become such a jumbled rush that the simple moments, the ones that sometimes need the most attention, don’t shine the way they used to.  They get taken for granted and sometimes missed altogether.  I need to remind myself to slow down again, and to start getting excited about the little things.  Or, better yet, I need to learn the battle cry of my people, and turn to splash through the waves with my daughter by my side.


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